AMBAS is a small innovative unit started in June 2016 by Sivakumar Boju, who has the burning desire to help the people with his innovative ideas, by building creative apps to make their life easier than before. His ideas further inspired more people and we have a team of three to start with. Currently we are in the process of developing some awesome mobile applications for both iOS and Android platform.

  • We Ambas

    Ambas was established by Siva Boju with a small team of innovative and creative people

  • Mobile Application Development

    Currently working on few awesome mobile applications.

Logesh Vijayan


Logesh Vijayan who is ready to explore new technologies and ready to take risks at any point in life.

Vignesh Kumarasamy

Senior iOS Developer

Vignesh from the field of Electronics and changed to IT and started a career as a trainer and then stepped into development in the same company and handled both the development and training. And now stepped into Ambas with a mental impression.

Kaviya Prarthana

iOS Developer

Kaviya is an iOS developer responsible for developing applications for iOS Devices. I have a strong understanding of the patterns and practices that revolve around the iOS platform.